Autumn’s Child – Autumn’s Child (Japanese Edition) (2019)

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Origin: Sweden
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps

01. Intro
02. Rubicon Sign
03. Glory
04. Crying For Love
05. Victory
06. I’m Done
07. Sayonare Eyes
08. Face The Music
09. You’re Breaking My Heart Again
10. Everytime
11. Northern Light
12. Heaven Knows Your Name
13. War (Japan Bonus Track)

Band members:
Mikael Erlandsson – Lead Vox, Piano/Guitar
Claes Andreasson – Acoustic guitar/Ad Keys
Pontus Åkesson (Moon Safari)– Lead Guitar
Jona Tee (Heat) – keyboards
Robban Bäck (Mustasch, Eclipse, W.E.T) – Drums
Hired Guns – (Joel Starander, Peter PP Samuelsson) – Bass


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